Adrenaline - Burn Up\nCinematic Minimalism - Happy Symmetry\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out\nFunk and Disco - String Theorist\nFunk and Disco - Colin's Unusual Tuesday\nCinematic Minimalism - Eyes Wide Open\nAfrica In Motion - Sun City\nAfrica In Motion - Mahadi\nAdrenaline - Bonebreaker\nAfrica In Motion - The Valiant Ones\nCinematic Minimalism - Dangerous Compound\nCinematic Minimalism - Out Of The Music Box\nAdrenaline - Dirty Box\nAdrenaline - Wulfstrong\nAdrenaline - Crack Down\nAdrenaline - Dan Digger\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\nCinematic Minimalism - Polestar Marimbas\nAfrica In Motion - Counter Attack\nAfrica In Motion - Burundi\nAdrenaline - Clever\nAdrenaline - Shred\nAdrenaline - Chung\nFunk and Disco - Cosmic Lady\nCinematic Minimalism - Electricity\nCinematic Minimalism - Earthflow\nCinematic Minimalism - Summertime Cowboy\nFunk and Disco - Midnight Boogie\nFunk and Disco - Manilla Skies\nCinematic Minimalism - Cold Seep\n

What is Production Music?


Production Music is designed to be used as theme or incidental music in audio-visual productions such as film, television, radio and new media. The music is made widely available to professionals working in production and post-production.

Because it is pre-recorded, potential users have the opportunity to test a wide range of music against picture prior to making any payment. Fees are only due when the audio-visual production is exhibited, broadcast or offered for sale.

CDs and registration to the PLAY search and download system are usually provided free of charge to accredited clients (those who have signed the MCPS Code of Conduct). Fees are set in accordance with the published rate card. Application for a licence has to be made to MCPS in advance of exploitation. These licences are available for different types of use and for all territories (including world).

The music is not copyright free. Strongroom Producitons, KPM MUSICHOUSE and their composers are committed to ensuring the music reaches the highest standards in both composition and production. We hope you feel that the music offers exceptional value for money!