Funk and Disco - American All Stars\nFunk and Disco - The Stickup\nAdrenaline - Surfin\nCinematic Minimalism - Dust Tail\nCinematic Minimalism - Eyes Wide Open\nCinematic Minimalism - Polestar Marimbas\nAdrenaline - Burn Up\nCinematic Minimalism - Earthflow\nCinematic Minimalism - Paper Sky\nFunk and Disco - Manilla Skies\nAdrenaline - Chung\nAdrenaline - Wulfstrong\nCinematic Minimalism - Blueschist\nAdrenaline - Dan Digger\nCinematic Minimalism - Dangerous Compound\nFunk and Disco - Colin's Unusual Tuesday\nAfrica In Motion - Sun City\nFunk and Disco - Night Fox\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out (Instrumental)\nCinematic Minimalism - Sunshine State\nFunk and Disco - String Theorist\nCinematic Minimalism - Silver Timeline\nCinematic Minimalism - Out Of The Music Box\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out\nAdrenaline - Methracer\nAdrenaline - Blackout\nFunk and Disco - Midnight Boogie\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\nCinematic Minimalism - Unborn Dreamstate\nAfrica In Motion - Mahadi\n

Purchase our Music

If you don't want to use our music in a production, but would like to own it to listen to, we're pleased to announce that our second album is now available for purchase on iTunes. Recorded and mixed at Strongroom studios, this album mixes classical, minimalist and electronic styles and features tuned percussion performances from Simone Rebello. Simone is internationally recognized for both her solo and ensemble performances and as one of the UK's leading percussionists.