• November 2010 - Strongroom Productions on Sunday Times Campain

    Our track Glass Box, composed by Ruth Barrett and from our Cinematic Minimalism album has been used throughout the November 2010 TV commercial for the Times Media Group, advertising their new and websites. The third in a series of commercials created by London agency CHI, the commercial has been getting national air-play in the UK on ITV and other terrestrial channels. We are very pleased to have our music associated with such a high profile brand and used in a prestigious national TV commercial.

  • September 2010 - Cinematic Minimalism on iTunes

    In addition to being available as production music for sync license usage, our second album Cinematic Minimalism, featuring tuned percussion performances from Simone Rebello, is now available on iTunes.  You can audition the tracks from the music pages of this website, and please see the SPL on iTunes page for the link to the album on the iTunes store.

  • April 2010 - Cinematic Beauty Commissioned

    We are pleased to announce that KPM have commissioned a follow-up to our highly successful album Cinematic Minimalism. Featuring a similar aesthetic of uplifting minimalism but for a larger and more varied ensemble, the new album Cinematic Beauty will be more orchestral in nature, containing a mix of lush, emotive but not overpowering scores that will be ideally suited to feature film, tv drama, documentary and advertising usage.

  • March 2010 - Africa in Motion Double Album Released

    Strongroom Productions contributed seven tracks to KPM’s latest release, a double album entitled “Africa in Motion”, catalogue numbers 737 and 738. Fusing traditional African and contemporary western influences these albums are full of energy and drive and perfect for coverage of the up-coming South African World cup and 2012 Olympics. Please see the Africa in Motion on our music section to hear our tracks!

  • Jan 2010 - KPM 731 Funk and Disco released!

    Many months in the making, KPM’s Funk and Disco album was released in January 2010, with 12 tracks provided by Strongroom Productions. Comprising the “Late Seventies Funk” and “Classic Disco” parts of the album, these tracks were recorded and mixed in Strongroom’s SSL room and feature performances from The Red Horns brass section (Amy Winehouse, Spice Girls, Sister Sledge), Jeff Scantlebury on percussion (Jamiroquai / Brand New Heavies / Primal Scream) The Bergersen quartet doing strings, Seymour Milton on clavinet, rhodes and piano (Boney M, Death Metal Disco Scene), Gareth Moulton on guitars (M-People / Cutting Crew) and SPL’s own Rob Kelly on bass.

  • Feb 2010 - Ruth Barrett on the BBC website

    Strongroom Productions co-owner, composer and producer Ruth Barrett was recently featured on the BBC’s on-line magazine in an article about what makes a great theme tune, and she should know. Ruth wrote and co-produced much of our highly successful album Cinematic Minimalism and has now started work on the follow-up – Cinematic Beauty. Ruth’s recent drama and film work includes scoring the feature film “Harry Brown” starring Michael Cane (and featuring some spooky cello work from SPL’s Rob Kelly), TV drama “Wallander” staring Kenneth Branagh, 6 part romantic comedy “Married, Single, Other” for ITV staring Lucy Davis, a two part adaption of “Wuthering Heights” for ITV, and crime drama series “The Take” for Sky 1. And as if all that wasn’t enough to be keeping her busy Ruth and her partner Ruskin are also expecting a baby. Congratulations both!!

  • Dec 2009 - Earthflow on the Web

    Ruth’s track “Earthflow” from Cinematic Minimalism is proving to be very successful, a quick websearch found it cropping up in several places including Disney’s Travel Channel, the BBC website and a spot for Fiat Professional, and even being remixed by fans of the track on youtube!

    Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations – Travel Channel (14 seconds in)

    Fiat Professional spot

    BBC Today Programme web feature

    Remixed on Youtube!

  • June 09 - SPL's music used in Disney and Fiat Advertising campaigns

    We're very pleased to report that Disney chose to use the track "Gravity" from our first album Adrenaline as the sound-track for TV advertising campaign of their immensely popular computer game "Spectrobes". Featuring the first ever instance of an ‘all media' world wide sync license from the MCPS, the track has received wide international Airplay. Also using our music for international advertising are Fiat, who used Ruth's track "Earthflow" from our album "Cinematic Minimalism" in a recent spot for their Fiat Professional division.

  • December 08 - KPM 699 Cinematic Minimalism Released

    Our second album, "Cinematic Minimalism" was released in December 2008. A beautiful, evocative mix of classical, minimalist and electronic styles, featuring tuned percussion performances from Simone Rebello, internationally recognized for both her solo and ensemble performances and as one of the UK's leading percussionists. Recorded, mixed and produced by SPLs Rob Kelly and Ruth Barrett, and featuring numerous compositions from them both, the album was recorded and mixed in Strongroom's beautiful Neve room – Studio 1 – take a listen here..

  • August 06 - MH035 Adrenaline Released

    Starting with a bang, we are proud to announce release of our first Album "Adrenaline" on the Musichouse label. A roaring aural assort, Adrenaline is a fearsome mix of break-beat, techno, old-school rave and hardcore rock / techno cross over with a light sprinkling of crazy fast drum and bass. Inspired by the best UK electronic music from the likes of the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Orbital, Pitchshifter, Tipper and rock / hip-hop crossover bands such as Senser, Adrenaline covers a broad range of sonic textures, and includes 5 tracks from UK electro / breaks / punk pioneers Drawbacks who's distinctively violent sound will knock your bloody head off. Listen here, if you think you're hard enough...