Adrenaline - Resist\nCinematic Minimalism - Additive Heaven\nAfrica In Motion - Sun City\nAfrica In Motion - The Valiant Ones\nAfrica In Motion - Burundi\nAfrica In Motion - The View On High\nCinematic Minimalism - Eyes Wide Open\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\nAfrica In Motion - Mahadi\nAdrenaline - Ear Blood\nCinematic Minimalism - Silver Timeline\nAdrenaline - Dan Digger\nFunk and Disco - The Stickup\nAdrenaline - Burn Up\nCinematic Minimalism - Dangerous Compound\nAdrenaline - Methracer\nCinematic Minimalism - Blueschist\nCinematic Minimalism - Electricity\nAfrica In Motion - Counter Attack\nFunk and Disco - American All Stars\nFunk and Disco - String Theorist\nAdrenaline - Dirty Box\nAdrenaline - Gravity\nCinematic Minimalism - Happy Symmetry\nAdrenaline - Rise\nAfrica In Motion - Umalay\nCinematic Minimalism - Paper Sky\nFunk and Disco - Cosmic Lady\nFunk and Disco - Night Fox\nCinematic Minimalism - Dust Tail\n

Licensing Information

Using the music in a film, television, radio or non broadcast production requires an MCPS licence. The process is designed to be convenient and quick. You can apply for a licence online at MCPS PRS or by using an Application for Music Licence form (AFML) available here

The MCPS publishes a Production Music Rate Card (updated every year) which details the rates (measured in 30 second units) for all types of productions and territories of exhibition anywhere in the world and can be downloaded here.

The licence for any one production is generally valid for an unlimited period but a new licence is required if the production is altered or if its use or territory is extended. Application must be made prior to any exploitation of the production.

Music details (title, composer and publisher) and track durations are required for each track used in a production. This will ensure that composers receive their correct royalty from the licence.


The MCPS / PRS website is very helpful and will answer your questions on licensing production music. There are discounts available for larger users.

Performing rights in KPM and MUSICHOUSE music are licensed by PRS. The licences for such uses are generally the responsibility of broadcasters and venue owners. Producers should be able to provide music details to facilitate correct PRS royalty payments.

Application to use the music for ringtones, sampling, commercial releases or other (non sync) uses should be made to KPMMUSICHOUSE.

International Licensing

For information regarding licensing on productions made outside the UK please go to, click on Licensing information, then click the link at the bottom of the licensing guide for international users. This will then give you the info you need and a list of KPM’s international agents.

Please see the contacts page of this site for details of the MCPS PRS alliance.