Cinematic Minimalism - Sunshine State\nCinematic Minimalism - Earthflow\nAfrica In Motion - Umalay\nAfrica In Motion - Counter Attack\nAdrenaline - Wulfstrong\nCinematic Minimalism - Unborn Dreamstate\nCinematic Minimalism - Deep Space Repeat\nFunk and Disco - The Stickup\nAdrenaline - Bonebreaker\nAdrenaline - Methracer\nCinematic Minimalism - Out Of The Music Box\nAdrenaline - Dan Digger\nFunk and Disco - Manilla Skies\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out (Instrumental)\nFunk and Disco - American All Stars\nAdrenaline - Gravity\nCinematic Minimalism - Silver Timeline\nCinematic Minimalism - Cold Seep\nAdrenaline - Rise\nCinematic Minimalism - Dust Tail\nAdrenaline - Fast and Furious\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out\nCinematic Minimalism - Additive Heaven\nFunk and Disco - Night Fox\nCinematic Minimalism - Summertime Cowboy\nFunk and Disco - Colin's Unusual Tuesday\nAfrica In Motion - Mahadi\nAdrenaline - Ear Blood\nAdrenaline - Surfin\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\n

About Strongroom

Strongroom embodies 25 years of doing things differently and has accumulated great expertise in making acclaimed records, embracing new technologies and staying on the cutting edge of audio developments and the latest production trends in music. Countless singles, albums, re-mixes and DVDs for world renown or new artists alike have been made at Strongroom. Home to six of Europe’s finest music studios the complex also houses many resident and highly respected producers, engineers, song-writers and recording artists. Centered round a tucked away and spacious courtyard, Strongroom is also a base of operations for record companies, artist management firms, TV production companies and without doubt the best stocked and most successful bar and restaurant in London's east end.

Strongroom is a phenomena that has shaped the area around it, being one of the first creative companies to set up in Shoreditch, as well as being influential and inspirational to both London's music scene and studio design trends around the world. With all of the studios, the bar, and much of the rest of Strongroom's interior painstakingly decorated with original artwork from artist and anarchist Jamie Reid, who attained much infamy for his iconic work with The Sex Pistols, Strongroom looks and feels like no other place to make music - it's an inspirational, creative place to be and a lot of fun to work at. With 6 commercial studios, 8 video edit suites, an equipment rental division, the bar and restaurant and a creative community of artists, music producers, engineers, composers, directors, producers, technical experts, record labels, production companies and many other creative types on site, it's also known for throwing some of the UK music scenes biggest and best parties.

Studio 1 is a beautiful Neve room featuring Strongroom's biggest live space, known for it's fantastic drum sound. An extensive selection of outboard coupled with a very high spec Pro Tools HD system and two Studer 24 track tape machines makes for a fantastic sounding and flexible recording and mixing environment. Studio 2 is Strongroom's flag ship surround sound mix room equipped with an Icon DX console, 7.1 surround sound capable Boxer and Genelec monitoring, HD projection, a choice of high-end outboard units and literally hundreds of high-end Pro Tools Plug-ins. Studio 3 is reputed to be London's best sounding SSL mix room, featuring a classic SSL G+ console and every piece of vintage of cutting edge gear you could desire. Studio 4 is again surround equipped and is a spacious writing, overdub and 5.1 mixing room with a great atmosphere, Strongroom 5 is a hybrid of great analogue outboard, cutting edge Pro Tools and an enviable collection of analogue synths and is home to writer and producer Duncan 'Pixie' Mills. Strongroom 6 is also a Pro Tools HD equipped writing room and is home to SPL's Rob Kelly. Following the merger of Strongroom and AIR Studios in 2006, the group together represent perhaps the finest and most diverse group of music studios in the world.