Adrenaline - Burn Up\nAdrenaline - Gravity\nAdrenaline - Resist\nFunk and Disco - Night At The Tangiers\nAfrica In Motion - Umalay\nCinematic Minimalism - Earthflow\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\nCinematic Minimalism - Additive Heaven\nAfrica In Motion - Sun City\nAfrica In Motion - The Valiant Ones\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out (Instrumental)\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out\nAdrenaline - Bonebreaker\nAfrica In Motion - Mahadi\nAfrica In Motion - Burundi\nCinematic Minimalism - Silver Timeline\nAdrenaline - Rise\nFunk and Disco - String Theorist\nCinematic Minimalism - Sunshine State\nCinematic Minimalism - Blueschist\nAdrenaline - Shred\nCinematic Minimalism - Unborn Dreamstate\nCinematic Minimalism - Paper Sky\nAdrenaline - Chung\nFunk and Disco - The Stickup\nAdrenaline - Dan Digger\nFunk and Disco - Colin's Unusual Tuesday\nAdrenaline - Ear Blood\nAdrenaline - Fast and Furious\nCinematic Minimalism - Out Of The Music Box\n

About us

Strongroom Productions Ltd was established in 2005 as a venture between Richard Boote, Rob Kelly and Ruth Barrett. Richard is the owner and group MD of AIR Studios and Strongroom, two of the world’s finest recording studios. Rob is a composer, producer and sound engineer and is also a director of the AIR Studios Group. Ruth is a sought-after composer, specializing in Feature Film and TV Drama soundtracks.

Music from Strongroom Productions is published and distributed by KPM / Music House, the worlds leading production music company and a division of EMI Music Publishing. KPM is distributed throughout the world with agents in over 63 territories. Our output is available on CD, KPM hard drives and is downloadable via the Play on-line catalog service. Details and download links are given on the music pages of this site.

SPL’s music has been used in a broad range of genres including television, film, advertising, computer games and new media. Our output has had TV and radio broadcast in territories including the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Spain, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

Broadcasters to make use of SPL’s music include BBC1, BBC HD, BBC Radio 4, ITV 1, Channel 4, Sky Sports 1,2 & 3, Sky Movies, Sky Live Speedway and Disney’s The Travel Channel. Our music has also been featured on the BBC’s website.

Our track ‘Gravity’ from our first album, Adrenaline, was used by Disney on international TV advertising for their computer game “Spectrobes” and the track “Earthflow” from Cinematic Minimalism was used by Fiat for TV advertising in Europe. TV shows to use our output include The Bill, How the Other Half Live and The One Show in the UK, and E! News Live, Dancing With The Stars, No Reservations and Access Hollywood in the USA to name but a few.

Using the world-class recording studios at AIR and Strongroom, SPL works with a talented pool of composers, producers and session players to create albums in a diverse range of musical styles and to exacting creative and technical standards. Through the studios and our own compositional work, we have established a network of some of Europe’s finest musical talent, who compose, record, edit, mix and master in AIR and Strongroom’s beautiful studios.