Cinematic Minimalism - Unborn Dreamstate\nAfrica In Motion - Sun City\nAdrenaline - Bonebreaker\nAdrenaline - Fast and Furious\nAdrenaline - Dirty Box\nFunk and Disco - The Stickup\nCinematic Minimalism - Sunshine State\nCinematic Minimalism - Dust Tail\nFunk and Disco - Movin Out\nCinematic Minimalism - Silver Timeline\nAdrenaline - Resist\nFunk and Disco - Oceans Casino\nCinematic Minimalism - Out Of The Music Box\nCinematic Minimalism - Cold Seep\nAfrica In Motion - The View On High\nAdrenaline - Burn Up\nAdrenaline - Blackout\nCinematic Minimalism - Additive Heaven\nAdrenaline - Surfin\nCinematic Minimalism - Dangerous Compound\nAdrenaline - Shred\nAfrica In Motion - The Valiant Ones\nCinematic Minimalism - Happy Symmetry\nCinematic Minimalism - Glass Box\nAdrenaline - Wulfstrong\nCinematic Minimalism - Blueschist\nAfrica In Motion - Burundi\nFunk and Disco - String Theorist\nCinematic Minimalism - Deep Space Repeat\nCinematic Minimalism - Summertime Cowboy\n

Welcome to Strongroom Productions

Strongroom Productions Ltd creates a diverse range of musical output for KPM MusicHouse, the world's leading provider of production music. Our music is composed by some of the UK's leading composers, and is created exclusively at Strongroom and AIR Studios, two of the worlds finest music studios. Established in 1959, KPM is internationally recognised for it's outstanding catalogue of production music, and has been a division of EMI Music Publishing for over 40 years. Strongroom Productions is proud to play a part in the continued success of KPM MusicHouse.